Discover how much money your email list is losing every day to the Gmail Promo Tab... And how to increase email revenue up to 133% using my software:
Back before I understood email deliverability, I had a client who was losing $5,027 in sales PER DAY because their emails were going to the Gmail Promo Tab (proof below).
More importantly, today you're going to find out how much YOU are losing per day to the Gmail Promo Tab. And how to fix the problem.

Because that’s a LOT of money to miss out on.

In fact, $5,027 per day is $150,810 per month.

But thanks to my email deliverability software, my client is now recovering every penny of it.

Even if your email list a lot smaller than theirs... There's still a size-able chunk of money you're missing out on every month.

Maybe $50k?

Maybe $10k?

Either way, it's worth it to solve the problem.
Look, emails that land in the Gmail Promo Tab have open rates roughly HALF as high as emails that land in the Gmail Primary Tab or Updates Tab.

For example, if your open rates right now are 30%, they could reach as high as 40-50%.

And as you know, an increase in open rates is almost directly proportional with sales.

Just ask my clients like Rich Schefren, who went from a 9% open rate to 14% (a 56% increase)...
Or Traffic & Funnels, who went from 12% to as high as 27% (a 125% increase).
Or Paul O’Mahony, who went from 10% to 19% (a 90% increase).
And then there’s regular people, like Alvin, who added 84% in revenue to an email list that was ALREADY doing 6 figures per month. That's an $84,000 per month boost:
Or Chris, who doubled his open rates from 7% to 14%:
Or Michele, whose open rates improved by over 20%:
Or Carol, who now has open rates consistently between 28-34%:
Or Meg, who went from 7% to 19% open rates (a 171% increase):
Or Jason, who saw a 30% increase in clicks on a HUGE list of 1,700,000+ subscribers:
Or Harrison, who went from 30 bookings per month from email, to over 115 (a 283% increase in bookings):
Look… most of my clients see roughly a 30-50% increase in open rates & revenue...

For example, let’s say you got a 56% increase in your open rates like Rich Schefren…
And you get roughly a 56% increase in email revenue.

That means for every $10,000 you used to make…

You’re now making $15,600.

Think about it for just a second.

(remember, that’s pretty average)

See how important it is to get your emails OUT of the Gmail Promo Tab.

But let’s not forget about the other HUGE benefit…

This can GROW your email list without spending a dime on advertising.

Meet Markus…

Markus runs a successful stock trading business. And after I helped him get his emails OUT of the Gmail Promo Tab…

Something wild happened.

He sent out an email to all his dead/inactive subscribers… (who were previously receiving his emails in their Promo Tab)...

And he was able to re-activate 9,190 of them on the first day.

That means he grew his active email list by over 9,190 people without spending a DIME on advertising:
Even if his leads only cost him $1 each…

That means he recovered $9,190 worth of leads that he can now sell his products & services to.

Not bad, huh?

Even if you think you don’t have that many Gmail subscribers… think again:
Gmail users make up 43% of most email lists (according to Email Client Market Share):
And that doesn’t even count people who have custom domains that use G-Suite or Google Workspace…

That means that up to half of your subscribers could miss your emails if you go to the Promo Tab.

And hence, you miss out on half the revenue that you COULD be making.

Especially since a lot of your subscribers don’t know the Promo Tab exists, don’t know how to check it, or don’t know how to turn it off.

So, how do you get your emails out of the Gmail Promo Tab & instantly increase your open rates & sales? ... WHILE growing the size of your email list?
Well, there’s a HARD way to do it that takes an extra 30-60 minutes PER email.

And there’s an EASY way to do it that takes around 30-60 seconds per email.

The HARD way looks like this:

Step 1: Open a brand new Gmail account.

Step 2: Send a test email from your ESP (like ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, or whatever you use, etc.) to the new Gmail account.

Step 3: See if the email landed in Primary, Promo, or Spam.

Step 4: If the email landed in Promo or Spam, try changing the content of the email & resending test emails until one lands in the Primary Tab…

(You’ll have to try changing things like the domain, alias, subject line, images, links, copy, etc.)

Step 5: Keep guessing & checking for roughly 30-60 minutes until it works or until you give up.
The main problem with the HARD way is that it takes FOREVER.

It’s not realistic to spend 30-60 extra minutes PER day on this unless you thoroughly enjoy wasting time.

The WORST problem with the HARD way is that sometimes you’ll get one of your test emails into the Primary Tab, but when you send the ACTUAL email, it still goes to the Promo Tab.

(Test IP addresses can behave differently than normal IP addresses)
It’s a PAIN.

How do I know? Because I used to use the HARD way.

(more on the easy way in a second... but first...)

My name is Troy Ericson, and I help some of the biggest companies on the internet with their email marketing.

We’re talking about people & companies like Rich Schefren, Traffic & Funnels, The Sales Mentor, Jason Capital, V-Shred, Paul O’Mahony, REPP Sports, and more.

They all rely on me to help them generate over 6 figures per month JUST from their email lists.

And the BIGGEST reason I’m able to help people generate that much revenue is because I don’t allow their emails to land in the Promo Tab.

In fact, a couple years ago, I vowed to NEVER let one of my clients’ emails ever go there again.

The only problem was that it took FOREVER to get emails OUT of the Promo Tab using the HARD way.

And naturally, I thought, “there HAS to be a better way”.

So I spent 4 months studying WHY emails go to the Gmail Promo Tab…

I studied things like coding & postmaster tools & deliverability & algorithms & analytics… Things that make you want to pull your hair out.

That’s when I started to notice a trend.

I noticed that when I made ONE simple change to my clients’ emails, they’d land in the Gmail Primary Tab almost EVERY time, with open rates roughly TWICE as high.

Nope, I didn’t change the domain, from name, subject line, link, copy, segments, lists, or anything else.

This is NEW... something that not even the smartest marketers on the planet had thought of.

And since my clients were starting to see monthly revenue records…

I knew I was on to something.

So I started coding this technical change into each email.

Now, my process was FASTER & more REPEATABLE for myself & my clients… About 30-60 seconds per email.

(And most importantly, I made sure it was compliant with Gmail Terms & Conditions)

I called it the Anti-Promo Tab Software.

AKA the EASY way.

And all you have to do is copy & paste a line of code into your emails to see up to a 133% increase in email open rates & sales.

Again, it’s responsible for results like you see in this client case study below:

Before & After using my Anti-Promo Tab Software... (3 examples)

Before using the software, this email had a 9% open rate, and generated $5,003.31 in revenue:
After pasting the code into the EXACT same email, we sent it out again. This time, it had a 29.2% open rate, and generated $6,745.27 in revenue (without making any other changes):
But this wasn't the ONLY email that saw a HUGE increase...

Here's another:
This email had a 14.4% open rate, and generated $4,528.69 in revenue.

After pasting the code into this email, the open rate went up to 26%, and generated $7,273.90 in revenue:

And here's yet ANOTHER example:
The email had an 11.8% open rate and made $3,779.16 in revenue.

After using the code, this email got a 24.1% open rate, and made $8,806.43 in revenue.
That’s a 133% INCREASE in revenue.
All from pasting a simple code into the email.


By landing in the Gmail Primary Tab (or Updates Tab), this client literally makes THOUSANDS of extra dollars PER email.

In fact, by landing in the Gmail Primary Tab, they make about $150,000 MORE per month.

Even if your list is 10x smaller than theirs, that would be an extra roughly $15k per month.

Not. Too. Bad.

It’s simple math. More people open, more people buy. It’s not rocket science.

Now, you’re probably expecting there to be a product for sale on this page where you can subscribe to my SAAS.
But the truth is…

That wouldn’t work.

You see, although the code is simple to USE.

It’s NOT simple to create.

In fact, every single person who uses it needs different coding.

This same code will not work for two different senders.


Because every domain on the internet has a different ‘domain reputation’.

Your reputation is effected by things like:
-    Your open rates
-    Your click rates
-    Your spam complaints
-    Your domain age
-    Your reply rate
-    Your postmaster score
-    Etc.

Sure, some domains may have similar domain reputations. But, much like fingerprints, no two are the same.

And for someone who doesn't understand the Gmail algorithm like I do, it would be nearly impossible to code'this on your own (believe me, I know people who have tried).

That’s why I’m going to create a custom Anti-Promo Tab Code for you.
Generally it takes me & my team 3-5 days to create a custom Anti-Promo Tab Code for you.
But once we’re finished, all you have to do is copy & paste it into each email.

You don’t have to change your subject lines, from name, domains, copy, pictures, links, sending segments, or anything else in your emails. It takes just seconds to implement.

Here’s a short demo of the Anti-Promo Tab Code working:
Best of all, the Anti-Promo Tab Code is Gmail-Compliant.
It’s not some blackhat strategy or HTML keyword stuffing like the tactics that got patched over a decade ago.

It’s Gmail Compliant with every rule in Gmail Article 81126 - ask me for the link if you need it.
Which means that this method is here to stay. I’ve successfully used it for over 318+ clients over the last 2.5 years.
So, how does the EASY way work? And how can you get a custom Anti-Promo Tab Code created for your business?
To be honest, I wish it was easier to give hard working business owners access to the Anti-Promo Tab Code...

But as you saw earlier, it needs to be customized for each person.

And given that it takes me & my team 3-5 business days to sign into your ESP, create your custom Anti-Promo Tab Code, test it out, and shoot a quick screen recording to provide proof that it works (or your money back)…

There are sometimes waitlists.


Sometimes people come to me & want to purchase a custom code…

But it turns out that their emails aren’t actually going to the Gmail Promo Tab (this is rare, but it does happen).

And obviously, I don’t want to charge anyone who doesn’t need my services.

So, in order to work with me, I require that we first test your emails using my Aged Gmail Test Accounts.
Don’t worry, it’s really easy.

My team & I have a handful of several 3 year old test accounts that we use to test your emails.

These are FAR more accurate than brand new accounts or even your personal Gmail account since previous interaction is a LARGE factor in Promo Tab placement.

So, we’re going to test your emails using our Aged Gmail Test Accounts & help you estimate how much money you’re losing each month to the Promo Tab (or the spam folder - we help with that, too).

We’ll even do it with you LIVE on Zoom so you can see for yourself where your emails are landing.

We do it this way for maximum transparency & to answer the many questions you have right now.

And we’ll only sell the service to you IF you’re losing more than we charge.

That way, everyone wins.

Here’s how to get started:
Step 1: Below, there is a button that says, “Yes, I want to increase my open rates & email revenue by up to 133%! Please test my emails to see if I qualify.”

Step 2: After you click that button, you will see a calendar. This is where you can schedule your ‘Email Deliverability Test’ with me & my team to discover which folder your emails are landing in & how much money you might be losing each month.

Step 3: After you select a time, there is a short questionnaire for you to enter your domain & some other basic information so my team & I are prepared to help you on Zoom (out of respect for our time & your time).

Step 4: Show up to the Zoom call & we’ll show you exactly which folder your emails are landing in & how much money you might be losing each month.

And if you’re losing more money than we charge, we’ll write a custom ‘Anti-Promo Tab Code just for you.

What we charge depends on several factors including how many domains, ESPs, accounts, etc. you have as well as how bad your Promo Tab or Spam issue is.

There is no way for us to know this without talking to you, as we never want to overcharge based on limited information.

With that being said…

Click the blue button below, select your time to test your emails with me & my team, and we'll lift your open rates & revenue!
My Anti-Promo Tab Software includes my 100% Money-Back Guarantee:
This is really important, and here’s why:

Every day I get THANK YOU messages from different clients that we’ve boosted email revenue for by up to 133%...

We’re talking about people who thought that email marketing was dying…

Or they had a ‘dead list’...

Or they were HOPING that there was some way to turn their email list into a gold mine again…

And now they have.

Some, like Rich Schefren, increased open rates by 56%...
While others, like Traffic & Funnels, increased open rates by 125%...

And even lesser known people, like Deividas, make an extra $2k PER email AND grow their email list without running ads:

And while I’m absolutely certain that the same will happen for you, I also know that in today’s society of internet marketing gurus’ over-the-top hype and false promises…

Talk is cheap.

That’s why I want to put my money where my mouth is…

And offer you the opportunity to try the Anti-Promo Tab Software for 30 days at no risk to you.

It works like this:

Simply click the button below that says “Yes, I want to increase my open rates & email revenue by up to 133%! Please test my emails to see if I qualify.”
Then select a time to get your emails tested by my team & I.

On the Zoom call, in a matter of minutes, you’ll discover which folder your emails are landing in & how much money you’re losing to the Promo Tab...

Then, if we both think it’s a good fit, we’ll agree to do business together.

Then I'll sign into your ESP & create a custom Anti-Promo Tab Code for you within 3-5 business days.

I’m positive that once you do this, you’ll notice an instant increase in open rates & email revenue…

And you’ll wonder WHY you waited so long!

But if for any reason I’m wrong…

If we just can’t provide proof that your emails are OUT of the Gmail Promo Tab...

Or if some fluke happens & your open rates don’t go up…

Then just shoot me an email.

And I’ll troubleshoot any issues that are happening, free of charge.

And if I still can’t figure it out & lift your open rates… You get a full refund.

And the only reason I’m making such a BOLD guarantee is because, like I said, it’s virtually impossible to fail.

(We’ve failed to get it working just once out of 318+ clients - not joking - and that was only on 1 of his 2 accounts)

Point is, it’s going to work for you. That’s why I guarantee it.

I want to make sure that you know how much confidence I have in it… and more importantly… How much confidence I have in YOU to succeed with this.

Still though, isn’t it nice knowing that you have nothing to lose?

Today, you’ve heard all about the Promo Tab, you’ve seen the PROVEN results, and yet you can still reach out for help anytime with a full money-back guarantee.

THAT’s how confident I am.
So go ahead and click the button below right now, and schedule your ‘Email Deliverability Test’ today:
This moment will decide the future of your business: Make your decision now:
Look, right now you have the ability to find out how much more money you could make every single month.

Not only will saying “YES” to my Anti-Promo Tab Software increase your open rates & email revenue for this month…

But it’ll increase your open rates & email revenue EVERY month going forward.

Maybe you'll be one of our more 'normal' cases who make an extra $6-8k per month...

Or maybe you'll be one of the 'crazy stories' that makes an extra $52k+ per month.

Either way... It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

And while you could say "no"… Or “I’ll think about it”...

Every day you wait is another day of missing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars… Yes, PER day.

And given that things like social media, advertising, regulations, and restrictions are getting tougher every single day…

And that the line of “card in hand” prospects who want this service is getting longer each day...

I don’t want you to reach back out a month from now when & I’m booked and can't help you…

Or worse, you wake up one day to discover that your low open rates have degraded your domain reputation so far that you’re now in the spam folder (which is FAR more expensive to fix)...

Or that your revenue is down for the month because something happened to your Facebook ad account or other lead source…

And you didn’t take email seriously when you had the chance.
Which would’ve saved you from a nightmare of problems, stagnant revenue, and sleepless nights...

If you ignore this opportunity...

Wouldn’t you feel even just a little bit of regret that you didn’t even try to increase your open rates & email revenue with a proven strategy that has a 100% Guarantee anyway?

If the answer is even a “maybe”...

Then I would strongly encourage you to take the MUCH smarter Option #2...

Which is to say “YES” to the Anti-Promo Tab Software right now by clicking the blue button below:

There’s no commitment. It’s an opportunity to test your emails to discover which folder you’re landing in & how much money you’re losing every month.

And if you do want to hire us, there’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

So you truly have nothing to lose…

And an entirely new level of sales to gain.

I can’t make the decision for you.

But I trust you’ll make the right decision.

Thanks for spending your time with me today…

And I look forward to our call.

-Troy Ericson, the ‘Email Paramedic’

Client Results:

Rich Schefren increased his open rates from 9% to 14% (a 56% boost)!

Rich Schefren - Business coach to Jay Abraham, Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, and Brian Tracy

Paul O'Mahony increased his open rates from 10% to 19% (a 90% boost)!

Paul - One of Ireland's most successful Internet Marketers

Robby nearly DOUBLED his open rates from 18% to 35% AND got back 9,000+ formerly inactive subscribers!

Maria TRIPLED her Open Rates & made $5,000+ in new email revenue in just 
5 Days...

Maria - Toronto, Canada

"It's been absolutely NUTS! This paid for itself after just 3 emails."
Nick hit the primary inbox & DOUBLED his Open Rates within minutes...

Nick - Eugene, Oregon

"It's pretty obvious that what I did with Troy is now 80% of my business." 
Now EVERY Email Scott sends hits the Primary Inbox

Scott - Brisbane, Australia

"When we started working with Troy our open rate was less than 10%... In a very short period of time we started seeing an increase in open rates RIGHT AWAY."

Abdul - Vancouver, Canada

 Robert says... "It's just like turning a light switch on and you go from promo to the standard inbox, it's crazy!"

Robert - Houston, Texas

Tim said... "Troy saves a lot of time and removes the guesswork... within 10 seconds your open rates will jump INSTANTLY. It's easy to use... anyone can do it, I highly recommend it."

Tim - Toronto, Canada

 Deividas said... "We now generate an extra $2,000 per email AND we were able to grow our active list size..."

Deividas - Siauliai, Lithuania 

Michelle escaped the Gmail Promo Tab & increased her Open Rates from 19% to 48% and saves 12-15 Hours each week

Michelle - Indianapolis, Indiana

Harrison said..."We use our list to book high-ticket calls and Troy's strategy allowed us to TRIPLE the number of qualified sales calls that we get in a month and increased our monthly revenue by almost 85%" 

Harrison - Toronto, Ontario

Kat said...“We had such increased deliverability, that our revenue went up 20%” 

Kat - Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr. Bob said...“They're always very responsive and always willing to problem solve for new patients. 
We saw a 30% Increase in New Patients JUST FROM THE EMAILS" 

Dr. Bob - Apex, North Carolina

Cole said...“They’re really known as the BEST people for Deliverability" 

Cole - Scottsdale, Arizona

Dylan says "people actually think it's me writing them"

Dylan - San Diego, California

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens on the call?

On our Zoom call, we're going to test your emails with our aged & accurate test accounts so we can tell you if your emails are landing in the Promo Tab. If so, we will estimate how much money you are losing each month & offer you our copy & paste solution.

Why is the Gmail Promo Tab so bad?

For my clients with list sizes between 50,000 - 250,000, the average open rates for emails in the Promo Tab are 13-20%. The average open rates for emails in the Primary Tab are 25-30%. This is post-iOS 15 data. Open rates depend on many factors. Make sure to book your call to find out where your emails are landing & how much money you're losing every day.

How much money am I losing to the Promo Tab?

Larger email lists could be losing thousands of dollars per email. Smaller lists could be losing thousands of dollars per month.

What is your Anti-Promo Tab Strategy?

I will create a custom code block that you can copy & paste into your emails to avoid the Promo Tab. It works on 80-95% of emails to instantly lift open rates & sales.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. If we cannot successfully get the strategy to work for you with video proof, you get a refund. The only condition is that if something doesn't seem to be working, you agree to email me first since most issues are simple fixes or user-errors.

Is the Anti-Promo Tab Strategy safe to use?

Yes, it is compliant with Gmail Terms & Conditions, Article 81126.

How long will the strategy work for?

Each client I work with gets a customized Anti-Promo Tab Code, which increases longetivity. I've been using this strategy for over a year for over 318+ clients with no issues. Google has no incentive to stop it because it is compliant with Article 81126.

Does the strategy help with spam?

We also include an Email Deliverability Audit to help you solve any spam issues.

How can this grow my email list?

Many of your inactive subscribers have missed your emails because they were landing in the Promo Tab. Now that you are going to land in the Primary Tab, they will become active again.

Who are you, Troy?

I'm known as the 'Email Paramedic' for my ability revive dead email lists for clients like Traffic & Funnels, V-Shred, The Sales Mentor, Paul O'Mahony, and REPP Sports. I've increased my clients' sales by a total of roughly $100MM.

How can I get access to the Anti-Promo Tab Strategy?

Click the button below to book your call now:
Book your call now: Hire Troy to get your emails out of the Gmail Promo Tab:
On the Call: We'll show you how to solve this problem & instantly increase your email open rates & sales by up to 133%:
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