Can Troy Ericson's 'Anti-Promo Tab Strategy' actually increase your open rates & email revenue?

Let's hear it from OTHER people:

Rich Schefren increased his open rates from 9% to 14% (a 56% boost)!

Rich Schefren - Business coach to Jay Abraham, Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, and Brian Tracy

Sam Ovens increased his open rates from 5% to 10% (a 100% boost)!

Paul O'Mahony increased his open rates from 10% to 19% (a 90% boost)!

Paul - One of Ireland's most successful Internet Marketers

Alex Cattoni doubled her open rates & revenue in just 1 launch!

Eric makes an extra 10k-20k per month because of the higher open rates I've gotten him

Eric - Saint Paul, Minnesota

Robby nearly DOUBLED his open rates from 18% to 35% AND got back 9,000+ formerly inactive subscribers!

Ross's open rates went from 10% to 36% while keeping most of his active list.

Maria TRIPLED her Open Rates & made $5,000+ in new email revenue in just 
5 Days...

Maria - Toronto, Canada

"It's been absolutely NUTS! This paid for itself after just 3 emails."
Nick hit the primary inbox & DOUBLED his Open Rates within minutes...

Nick - Eugene, Oregon (we actually hired Nick 4 months after he became a client!)

"It's pretty obvious that what I did with Troy is now 80% of my business." 
Now EVERY Email Scott sends hits the Primary Inbox

Scott - Brisbane, Australia

Tamatha went from 5k to 14k after just 30 days of working with us!

"When we started working with Troy our open rate was less than 10%... In a very short period of time we started seeing an increase in open rates RIGHT AWAY."

Abdul - Vancouver, Canada

 Robert says... "It's just like turning a light switch on and you go from promo to the standard inbox, it's crazy!"

Robert - Houston, Texas

Tim said... "Troy saves a lot of time and removes the guesswork... within 10 seconds your open rates will jump INSTANTLY. It's easy to use... anyone can do it, I highly recommend it."

Tim - Toronto, Canada

 Deividas said... "We now generate an extra $2,000 per email AND we were able to grow our active list size..."

Deividas - Siauliai, Lithuania 

Michelle escaped the Gmail Promo Tab & increased her Open Rates from 19% to 48% and saves 12-15 Hours each week

Michelle - Indianapolis, Indiana

Harrison said..."We use our list to book high-ticket calls and Troy's strategy allowed us to TRIPLE the number of qualified sales calls that we get in a month and increased our monthly revenue by almost 85%" 

Harrison - Toronto, Ontario

Emily went from 12% open rates to over 29%, even on a list of 130,000 people!

Here's a recap of what you get with
Troy's Anti-Promo Tab Strategy:

✅ Proof that your emails are now going from the Promo Tab to the Primary Tab on a default Gmail Account, using the custom block Troy writes for you. It works on 85-95% of emails.

And if he can’t show you proof that it works, you get a refund. You also get 30 days of support so if it doesn’t work for whatever reason, he signs in & fixes it for you.

✅ A Deliverability Audit that shows you how to avoid Spam & fix any issues that you might currently have.

✅ Troy's #1 subscriber re-engagement strategy that he has used for all his 7, 8, and 9 figure clients. He writes a custom email for you to send to your disengaged subscribers & revive them so they start opening your emails again and buying stuff from you.

This alone will grow your active email list size and get you new customers right away.

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens on the call?

On our Zoom call, we're going to test your emails with our aged & accurate test accounts so we can tell you if your emails are landing in the Promo Tab. If so, we will estimate how much money you are losing each month & offer you our copy & paste solution.

Why is the Gmail Promo Tab so bad?

For my clients with list sizes between 50,000 - 250,000, the average open rates for emails in the Promo Tab are 7-13%. The average open rates for emails in the Primary Tab are 18-22%. Open rates depend on many factors. Make sure to book your call to find out where your emails are landing.

How much money am I losing to the Promo Tab?

Larger email lists could be losing thousands of dollars per email. Smaller lists could be losing thousands of dollars per month.

What is your Anti-Promo Tab Strategy?

I will create a custom block that you can copy & paste into your emails to avoid the Promo Tab. It works on 80-95% of emails to instantly lift open rates & sales.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. If we cannot successfully get the strategy to work for you with video proof, you will get a refund. You also get 30 days of support. If you have any issues, just email me and I will fix them for you.

Is the Anti-Promo Tab Strategy safe to use?

Yes, it is compliant with Gmail Terms & Conditions.

How long will the strategy work for?

Each client I work with gets a customized Anti-Promo Tab Block, which increases longetivity. I've been using this strategy for over a year for over 170+ clients with no issues. Google has no incentive to stop it because it is compliant.

Does the strategy help with spam?

We also include an Email Deliverability Audit to help you solve any spam issues.

How can this grow my email list?

Many of your inactive subscribers have missed your emails because they were landing in the Promo Tab. Now that you are going to land in the Primary Tab, they will become active again.

Who are you, Troy?

I'm known as the 'Email Paramedic' for my ability revive dead email lists for clients like Traffic & Funnels, V-Shred, The Sales Mentor, and REPP Sports. I've increased my clients' sales by a total of roughly $20MM.

How can I get access to the Anti-Promo Tab Strategy?

Click the button below to book your call now:
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